Rat City Rollergirls

Rat City Rollergirls logo Robin and I went to a Rat City Rollergirls bout for the first time last night, thanks to some help from Throttle Rockets captain Darth Skater. I know Darth’s alter ego in the tech world and she’s been trying to talk me into checking out a match for at least a year. If you live in Seattle, or if you have a roller derby league in your city, check it out at least once; roller derby is like crossing a punk rock show with a hockey match. Lots of fun and lots of safe violence. The women skate around a track with two lead skaters called the pivots, a set of blockers and a jammer for each of the competing teams. The jammers try to break through the pack and then skate past as many of their opponents as possible before the current “jam” is called off. Along the way, the two combating teams try to knock each other down with both legal and not so legal maneuvers. It looked like there were about 1000 people in attendance at the recent match, which says to me with a little word-of-mouth this is something on the verge of being HUGE!