Jim Allchin Talks about Vista Beta 2

I had the great fortune of talking with Jim Allchin, Microsoft’s Co-President of Platforms and Services Division, twice in one day. The first time was for the interview we did for The Chris Pirillo Show and the second time was over dinner at The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Seattle. Jim’s the guy who takes most of the heat for Vista being delayed, deservedly or not. One thing is clear – he’s extremely passionate about the Windows experience. In between being peppered with questions and comments from a handful of Windows community enthusiasts (Chris, Ryan Hoffman of Extended64, Brandon LeBlanc, and the Neowin guys), Jim dropped little tidbits about things we haven’t heard talked about in the operating system. On several occasions no one at the table had realized the feature he mentioned was present in the current Windows Vista build. I’m sure we’ll start to see these things appear in articles on the site’s mentioned here over the coming days, but it’s great to find that people are only scratching the surface.