Video Playing in Place

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One of the frustrations in posting lots of videos on your site is slow page load times. When a page is loading three or four or more videos, the wait time for everything on the page is dramatically slowed down. One way to solve this problem is to post an image linked to the video file, which results in the video opening in a new window. A second option is to use a Flash file that calls a second Flash file when clicked. If you want a hybrid version of these two options, Cinegage created Video Playing in Place (vPIP). The app supports playback of Windows Media (wmv, wma, asf), QuickTime (mov, mp4), Flash (flv and swf), 3GP and MP3 formats. You paste some javascript in the header portion of your Web pages or blog and then use the automatic link generator to link an image file to the video you want to play when clicked. This dramatically decreases page load times, because you aren’t waiting for video files to load on the page, which is especially important when working with several videos. vPIP also keeps the video playback on the same page, instead of opening a new window or player like using a similar trick with QuickTime. The only potential downside is increased buffering when a person clicks to watch a video because the video wasn’t preloading on the page while the rest of the page loads. If you post videos on your personal blog, MySpace account or Web site, Video Playing in Place is worth trying. [Platform Independent $0.00]