WildBit Viewer

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Image viewing apps have been around for ages. Picasa remains my favorite image viewer for it’s sheer elegance, but it has a few faults, like slowing down when you have thousands of images. WildBit Viewer seems to shine in this respect, handling fairly large loads of image files with great speed. EXIF, IPTC data from Photoshop, and image details imbedded in TIFF and JPEG are all supported. The software includes several different viewing options with multiple thumbnail sizes and fast zoom through slider functionality. A slide show mode offers 171 different transitions to build complex image slide shows. Editing functionality handles all the basics of resizing and image tweaking, but certainly isn’t a full featured image editor. Multiple monitor support provides for fast-switching between two montiors. Over 60 image formats are supported in the viewer. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]