Google Video Player for Mac

Download Google Video Player for Mac
The Windows version of Google Video Player has been out for awhile now. In the last few days, Google finally made a Mac version of the player available, with all the same bells and whistles of its Windows counterpart. For most videos on the Google Video site, you can get by without needing their player, but if you ever want to purchase a video, Google Video Player is required. One thing they do better than other video players is include a scene browser, which shows the key frames in a video and lets you click to a point in the video using a visual queue. This is similar to the way QuickTime shows you screens when you fast forward, but with it laid out as a series of thumbnails, it’s easier to find the section of a video you want to fast forward to. Another useful advantage is automatic resume of downloads when you need to close the player and return later or if there’s network congestion between your PC and the download you’re trying to access. Google claims you can skip ahead in a video, even if the section you want to see hasn’t been downloaded yet, but that particular feature results in buffering, which is no different than any other video experience. [Mac OS X 10.3.9+ $0.00]