Vibe Streamer

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If you have a large MP3 collection, you need an easy way to access your music wherever you happen to be. Sure you could buy a 60GB iPod and carry songs in your pocket, but that’s not entirely practical. Vibe Streamer steps in and provides a convenient intermediary, streaming files from your PC to anywhere you specify. Access control can be via password protection, by restricting certain IP addresses, or by grouping user accounts to let additional people access your tracks as well. If you happen to have your own podcast, this is one solution for providing on demand streaming of files to anyone who might be interested in listening. A skinnable interface makes it easy to create your own look and feel for what people actually see while listening or browsing your files. File queuing, shuffle and repeat are all supported in addition to standard playback functions. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]