Download LePlayer
With millions of videos on thousands of sites around the Internet, it’s hard to ever find something you actually want to watch. YouTube may have a few gems and your friends probably point you to something cool now and then, but most of the time watching online video amounts to wading through a sea of junk. LePlayer takes a different approach, providing a desktop interface to the world of online video. Instead of being limited to what’s in the Google Video database, or what’s on YouTube, or the latest MySpace postings, LePlayer searches against over 1.6 million videos in over 2000 categories, helping you find and watch the movies you want to see. This makes it easier to locate videos for specific events, news items and online programming, but still needs some improvement. There’s no bookmark feature, so you can’t easily come back to a video site. And there’s no save function, although I’m sure there are ways around that oversight. Bottom line: LePlayer is a solid tool for video discovery, although it needs a little improvement before it’s a full-fledged video management option. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]