Schmap Player

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Schmap Player is like having a user-friendly travel guide on your computer. Integrating maps, photos, reviews and online content in a unique way, Schmaps offer an easy way to explore a city. Landmarks are included in city tours. Restaurants are synced up with reviews to help you know where to eat. Pre-travel planning is made easier with the inclusion of hotels, as well as key city locations, so you know where you need to stay to be close to what you want to do. Virtual tours provide a map walk-thru of destinations, along with some background. Bookmark your favorite destinations to create your own virtual tour. If you need a paper version of the Schmap content, it creates your own customized guidebook, including your bookmarked places, along with corresponding maps, photos and reviews. For even more information, the Schmaps link you directly to driving directions, user reviews and search for additional data from online sources. As of this writing, their are currently maps available for about 30 U.S. cities. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]