Streaming Road Trip

I think they need to issue “I Survived…” t-shirts to everyone who makes it through the 25 day marathon of movies that is the Seattle International Film Festival. I had a blast watching a mere 10% of the 400 films, while interviewing almost an equal number of directors. I have a backlog of interviews to get through, including one with Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson of Clerks fame, who are likely better known as Dante and Randal respectively. Some of the best photos from the event are in Sean Pecknold’s Flickr stream.
On Thursday I’m off to BloggerCon, where I’ll be handling the audio streaming for both days. The Limelight stream we use for The Chris Pirillo Show will handle the heavy lifting of connecting what I’m guessing will be more than 5,000 listeners. I continue to rely on SimpleCast for getting audio from the desktop to the streaming server, primarily because it handles stuff like re-connecting the stream if it goes down and archiving the live feed locally. SimpleCast is also useful for small numbers of connections and the company that makes it offers a solid alternative to ShoutCast. Bre Pettis from I Make Things might be joining me for the 800 mile road trip from Seattle to San Francisco.
I’m planning to see how well my BroadbandConnect plan from Cingular performs on a cross-country trip. I know it works well in both Seattle and San Francisco, but I’ve never tried using the card between the two cities. I’m thinking some random Webcam uploads from the car might be in order, although the upload speeds might be painful when BroadbandConnect flips over to the EDGE network. We’ll see if my BroadbandConnect tips apply to connecting from the road.