Streaming Live from BloggerCon

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m at BloggerCon today and tomorrow running the live stream for the event. You can tune in to BloggerCon between 8:15 am and 6pm Pacific today (Friday June 23) and tomorrow (Saturday June 24) via the same Limelight Networks stream we use for The Chris Pirillo Show. Phil Torrone’s segment on Tools offered some great feedback on tools people use for blogging, posting media and podcasting. Even if you think you know it all already, there’s still a tidbit or two to be learned. Via Niall Kennedy I learned about audio transcription service CastingWords. I’ll provide a full review once I get my test transcription back from CastingWords, but for 42-cents per minute I’m likely going to have them transcribe all the interviews I did at the Seattle International Film Festival so that people who don’t have time to listen still get the benefit of scanning through the interviews online for details.