Download PrettyMay for Skype
With the recent addition of free inbound and outbound landline calls, Skype is aggressively working to dominate the voice over IP calling space. It still needs a few features to make it a useful replacement for traditional phones and PrettyMay picks up the majority of that slack. PrettyMay acts as an answering machine for Skype, playing back pre-recorded audio when you’re not around. Voicemails can be automatically forwarded via email. Play music in the background of a call or inject recorded audio into a Skypecast. Voice messages are fully exportable as either MP3 or WAV files. The app switches sound devices in mid conversation without dropping the call, so if you’re talking on a microphone and getting feedback from speakers, you can switch to a headset without needing to call someone back. At the moment, recording time is limited to 30 minutes, but in most cases that’s plenty. If you use Skype for online calling, you need PrettyMay to act as your personal automated phone assistant. To hear PrettyMay in action, feel free to Skype me – I’m jakeludington. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]