Download FotoTagger
One of my favorite features of Flickr (which I consequently rarely use) is the ability to tag photos with detailed information. For instance highlighting someone’s face to identify them by name, or calling out objects in a photo. This is all limited to the constraints of Flickr, meaning you can’t use it anywhere outside the service. FotoTagger puts this concept on your desktop, allowing you to add comments to a photo and store them in the JPG content space. When you’re browsing photos in any other image browser, the FotoTagger tags are invisible. When using FotoTagger, you see all the tagged details. If you want to publish your tags to the Web, FotoTagger creates a merged image, overlaying the tags on top of the image, to create a new composite. While this might seem strange at first, it’s a cool way to annotate images in a meaningful way. For instance, upload an uncommented version of a photo and then the commented version directly below to create a sort of context to the untouched image. This is particularly useful for people like me who create tutorials online, but also comes in handy if you want to call out certain people or things in a photo when posting it to the Web. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]