STOIK Cameraphone Enhancer

Download STOIK Cameraphone Enhancer
STOIK is well known for making a number of imaging solutions for both video editing and photos. The STOIK Cameraphone Enhancer applies a number of filters and effects to automatically clean up images taken with the camera on cell phones. While you can use any image editing software to edit and enhance cell phone photos, Cameraphone Enhancer is quite useful because it’s optimized for the kinds of quirks unique to camera phones. STOIK applied their imaging expertise to process photos using filters, color correction and overall cleanup of less than perfect images taken with a cell phone camera. While this doesn’t entirely solve the two most common problems with camera phone images, which are low light shots and blurry images, it does help clean up those shots that were almost good but flawed in some minor way. If you already take great photos with your cell phone, STOIK Cameraphone Enhancer won’t make them any better, but for camera phone shots that need some assistance, there’s almost nothing better. [Windows 2k/XP $29.00]