Notebook BatteryInfo

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The battery monitor on my laptop is almost useless. It seems to go from almost full to almost empty without refreshing in between. After seeing the battery monitoring app included with Thinkpads, I’ve been on a search to find something as good for my non-Lenovo branded laptop. Notebook BatteryInfo comes close, providing a great visual indication of battery status in the taskbar, along with a number of useful details about the current state of power on your PC. In addition to how much power you have left, Notebook Battery Info provides details about the battery capacity, how much power is consumed, battery manufacturer, the wear level of the battery, and for the ultimate power geek everything is displayed in fractions of Watts, volts and amps. Color coding for battery information is customizable to match your desktop theme or to add visualization that will offer appropriate warning. Details are displayed either in the taskbar or in a pane that pops up when you hover over the Notebook BatteryInfo icon in the system tray. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]