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If you’ve ever asked yourself, how can I convert my music files into ringtones, ToneThis is likely the answer you’re lookng for. Cell phone ringtones are the biggest boon to music companies and carriers ever conceived. While people won’t pay for full songs, they will pay a buck for a few seconds of a song (if it will act as their ringtone). In most cases you don’t need to buy ringtones. Instead, an app like ToneThis will convert your MP3s to a compatible format, send the file to you in a message, and make it a snap to install the file on your phone. Most United States and Canadian carriers are supported (if you’re outside North America, I’m not sure if it works). ToneThis also creates wallpaper images from photos and other images in your personal photo collection, using the same convert and upload concept to bypass carrier limitations. Phones are already expensive enough – here’s one way to save a few bucks and maybe even reuse a song or two from your CD collection in the process. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]