Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard

Eclipse II
I typically don’t comment on all the quirky keyboards on the market because in addition to being quirky they often don’t have good tactile response. Mad Katz Eclipse II keyboard is an exception to my rule. Not only does the Eclipse II perform a useful function (backlighting keys for typing in the dark), it also feels like a solid responsive set of keys. I like it enough that I’m swapping out my existing keyboard for the Eclipse II.
Back light for the keys switches between red, blue and purple, depending on your preference. Purple seemed to be the easiest on my eyes while typing in the dark. A dial setting dims or brightens the keys depending on your preference, with the option to completely turn them off while typing with the lights on.
Eclipse II keyboard
Keys are a standard 104 QWERTY plus numeric pad combination with a small set of audio control buttons clustered around the light knob. As an added bonus, it’s also compatible with the Xbox 360 (if only it backlit the keys with green). Overall, the entire body of the keyboard feels more sturdy than anything I’ve used since the days of an old IBM clacker. With a $69 price direct from Mad Katz, the keyboard is inline with similar keyboards. Now instead of fighting with my wife over having the lights off when I’m still typing, I can simply dial up the Eclipse II and all remains copasetic.