How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook and Smartphones Automatically

While it’s easy to sync Google Calendar with your iPhone or Android simply by using your account data, if you still use Outlook with Windows, there isn’t really an easy solution to keep the calendar on your phone, your Windows calendar, and your Google calendar all up to date. There have been several third party solutions that attempt to address this with varying levels of success.

Google still hasn’t addressed automatic sync of Contacts with Gmail and Outlook. For that you need CompanionLink.

Here’s how you can sync Outlook with Google Calendar automatically:
First  download Outlook <–> Calendar Sync and install it.
After installation is complete, configure how you want to sync Google Calendar and Outlook. Choose whether you want 2-way sync, Outlook to Google only, or Google to Outlook only. Also enter the data range, frequency of updates, and amount of calendar detail to include.


Once you’re finished, Outlook <–> Google Calendar Sync automatically starts combining the two calendars. Your Android or iPhone calendar settings will then automatically sync with Outlook to grab any Google Calendar items.
Items added to your Google Calendar will now automatically appear in your Outlook calendar and sync with your phone based on your sync preferences.
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