Pluto is a Planet

“I represent the smallest planet – Attorney in this journey versus those who tried to ban it”
“If you don’t agree go see Interplanet Janet – The sun is a star like Pluto is a planet”

In light of the recent decision by atronomers that Pluto is no longer a planet, it’s high time revive this rallying cry from the Skinnee J’s Pluto is a Planet.
When I hear any mention of planet Pluto, the 2 Skinnee J’s Pluto is a planet circulates through my head the rest of the day. The J’s played twice at my bar while touring in support of Super Mercado during the late 1990’s and while they are no longer touring the music retains a timeless quirkiness that still goes out to all the kids with Coke-bottle glasses. Deeper than GottaBook’s A Pluto Poem, Pluto is a Planet circulates geek culture with slick rhymes in a way no one attempted before or since.
Go track down a copy of the 2 Skinnee J’s Super Mercado and if you’re still a believer help them spread the word – Pluto is a Planet