CUE Splitter

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If you download concert files distributed in FLAC or APE formats, you’ve likely run into .cue files before. These files provide a roadmap for finding individual songs in a large file during playback. The .cue files may also come in handy if you have a full-length album recorded as one giant file. Instead of manually editing each track, you can search through the file, find track start and stop times, and then edit the file automatically using CUE Splitter. CUE Splitter reads a .cue file, and splits a large audio file into smaller files based on the information in the .cue file. CUE Splitter currently works with MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE and OGG files, so chances are good that it can handle virtually any audio you throw at it. Individual files are named based on the contents of the .cue file, or by creating a custom text string prior to running CUE Splitter against an audio file.

screenshot from the CUE splitter app with track 2 highlighted