Download LockNote
Many of us keep a whole ton of information “in the clear” on our PCs. If a hard drive or laptop were ever stolen, the number of passwords, credit card details and personally identifying bits of information compromised is likely to be a staggering figure. I know of many people who use a plain text file to keep track of their entire password list. Instead of leaving all this info in the clear, LockNote offers an option for securely locking down passwords and anything else you put in a text file with AES 256-bit encryption. LockNote may be used to create new encrypted text files or to secure existing text files by simply dropping them on the LockNote application. I personally prefer to keep large chunks of data secured using a encrypted partition with something like TrueCrypt, but if you only need to secure small bits of information, LockNote is a quick and easy solution to safely lock down data. It also runs from portable thumb drives, so you can take your secure data with you and retrieve it from any computer. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]