Wireless Health Monitoring System

Beijing Perfect Sky Information Technology Co. Ltd. presented a demonstration of their vision for health monitoring via wireless technology. Their appropriately named Wireless Health Monitoring System is designed to keep physicians and concerned relatives informed of changes in the health of a remote patient. This technology has broad reaching potential both in China, where many people are moving to the city for work and wiring money back to family in smaller towns, as well as in rural areas in other countries around the globe.

The system monitors health data for cardiogram readings, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature and a number of other factors to track changes in vital signs. Data is sent wirelessly to a server that tracks patient information to check for any changes that represent an out-of-normal condition. In the event of a dramatic change in health status, the service will alert physicians, family and anyone else scheduled to be notified in an emergency.

There are several scenarios where this Wireless Health Monitoring System might offer critical feedback. Often people go to the doctor complaining of an ailment, but do not exhibit the symptoms during their appointment with the doctor. With a wireless monitoring system, a patient can wear a monitor outside of the medical facility and automatically notify the doctor of any abnormal symptoms through the wireless monitor as they happen. For people with elderly parents living a long distance away or people without relatives to check in on their well being, the Wireless Health Monitoring System provides a method of insurance to make sure a sudden heart attack or other life threatening illness is discovered quickly through ongoing monitor of vital signs. A third interesting scenario would be a wireless monitoring system that keeps track of vital signs and notifies a patient when it’s time for them to take a medication to prevent additional health complications, like low insulin levels, for instance.

Unfortunately, Beijing Perfect Sky Information Technology Co. Ltd. does not have a web site related to their Wireless Health Monitoring System as of this writing. For more information on the project, the company can be reached at their Beijing offices.