How to Add YouTube Videos to MySpace

Aimee writes, I have a two part question – first, how the heck do I put a YouTube video on my MySpace pages? You have a bunch of articles about embedding video, but I can’t figure out how to do this with YouTube. Second, how do I get rid of a friend from MySpace? There doesn’t seem to be any way to delete them.
YouTube provides an Embed code in the About This Video section of every video. Similar to my demonstration on how to post Flash video to the Web, you can use this Embed code to post a YouTube video to MySpace. The steps to post the video are listed below. I address your question about how to delete a friend from MySpace elsewhere.

First click in the box in the About This Video section where YouTube has the Embed code. This automatically selects all the code in the box.

Either use Ctrl+C on the keyboard or right click this box and select Copy to copy the code.

After logging into MySpace, click on the link to your Blog below your profile photo.

On the Blog page, click the link to Post New Blog on the left hand side.

Add a Subject for your post. Click the link that says If you can’t input your Blog, click here. This is an important step because it keeps MySpace from messing with the YouTube Embed code.

Paste the Embed code from YouTube in the Body section of your blog post by either using Ctrl+P or right clicking and choosing Paste from the menu. Delete everything before You should only have the equivalent of what’s highlighted in the screenshot below:

Click Preview & Post to make sure the video is there, then click the Post Blog Button.

You can also add a YouTube video to your MySpace profile page
You can read about how to delete friends from MySpace here.