Hidden Expedition: Titanic Tips Tricks and Cheats

I’m compiling a list of tips, tricks and hints for the game Hidden Expedition: Titanic. It’s my favorite puzzle game in a long time. Hidden Expedition: Titanic takes the idea of the two Mystery Case Files games and adds the twist of beating the clock before your air tank runs out in your quest to discover the Titanic’s hidden treasures.
Hidden Expedition Titanic Tips and cheatsIt can also be frustrating without a few tips and tricks to help you along the way. So far I haven’t discovered any cheats to help you quickly bypass the hardest parts, but I’ve got a solid list of tips, tricks and hints listed below to help speed your discovery of hidden clues and make it through every room in the Titanic with air to spare.

If you haven’t downloaded the game already, be sure to download Hidden Expedition: Titanic now.
Word Tricks and Clever Phrasing Hidden Expedition is filled with tricky word clues with multiple meanings. A word like ‘pipe’ might mean a lead water pipe or it might mean a pipe for smoking. A ‘spade’ is sometimes a shovel and sometimes a playing card, so watch for both. A ‘dollar’ might be currency or it might be a sand dollar from the beach.
Look Near the Edge Many items are hidden partially off the edge of the screen. You might only see a section of the item you are searching for. This seems to be more common on the left edge of the screen, but both sides are fair game.
Look Out the Windows If there’s a window in the room, chances are there might be a object you need outside the window. Don’t forget to look for items out the window when searching.
Hidden Expedition Titanic
Avoid Random Clicks Clicking on items not on your list will cost you precious air. Each time you click on an item you aren’t supposed to collect, the game penalizes you 10 seconds of air.
Save Enough Air for the End Don’t forget you need air for later sections of the game. Using up too much air through random clicking or wasted time early in the game will make it harder to complete the game later. Use air sparingly, you need it.
Avoid In-Game Hint Button Unless you’re really stuck, avoid using the in-game hints. The clues provided will cost you a precious 2 minutes of air.
Extra Air Time Watch for oxygen tanks in each level. If you find one, it’s worth an additional minute of air. You might need it!
Chamelon Colors The objects you are looking for are often cleverly blended into scenery with a similar color scheme or pattern. Look carefully to reveal these disguised items.
Mini-Game advice Be sure to scroll through the list of pieces on the side before you start the mini game. Often the easy pieces that make the whole thing fall into place are buried further down the stack.