Swiff Point Player

Download Swiff Point Player
Adding a Flash movie to a PowerPoint presentation typically requires some custom VB scripting in order to successfully control playback during a slideshow. Swiff Point Player makes the process easier for SWF files, adding a custom button the Insert menu in PowerPoint to automatically add any SWF file to your PowerPoint presentation. Using Swiff Point Player, you get seamless Flash playback in your PowerPoint slides, similar to what you get with other standard video formats like AVI or WMV. If you need to playback an FLV file, like the ones served on YouTube, you’ll still need to convert the file or get some custom programming done, but if you want to add some eye-popping SWF graphics or a SWF movie to a presentation, Swiff Point Player has you covered. It should go without saying that PowerPoint is required. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]