Office Accounting Express 2007

Download Office Accounting Express 2007
Microsoft appears to be attacking Intuit’s QuickBooks head-on with Office Accounting Express 2007. This free accounting product supports all the basics of business accounting, including integration with ADP payroll services, integrated support for invoicing through Paypal for eBay businesses or other online transactions, and support for integrated credit management in conjunction with Equifax. A partnership with Chase handles online credit card processing, so you get the equivalent of a virtual point-of-sale. The big limitations in the free version of the product are in reporting and analysis tools. If you need things like 1099 reporting integrated in your accounting package, Microsoft expects you to buy the full version. The free version also limits you to one user, as opposed to the mutli-user mode found in the full version of Office Accounting Professional 2007. If you’re already a full time Microsoft Office user, integration with things like Outlook’s Business Contacts Manager, Excel spreadsheet exports and document customization via Word will all have a definite appeal. Online banking is also integrated and support for importing files from Quickbooks, While there are plenty of scenarios where your company might be better served by the full version of this product, for most small businesses, Office Accounting Express 2007 will certainly look like an attractive accounting solution. A few of the integrated pieces, like the ebay posting, requires a free Office Live account with Microsoft. The price of free in this case is registering the product, but if you’re looking for a solid accounting solution, that may be worth the price. [Windows XP/Vista $0.00]