iPod Won’t Work With Windows Media Player

Dis writes, “How come Windows Media Player doesn’t put the songs onto the iPod?”
The short answer to this question is because Apple doesn’t want Windows Media Player to put songs on the iPod. The easiest way for Apple to make sure iPod owners get a consistent experience is for Apple to control the process of syncing audio and video from start to finish. This means Apple optimizes the experience of using an iPod with iTunes and generally makes it difficult to use any other software with an iPod. I don’t disagree with Apple’s methodology, but I also like having options.
I previously offered several alternatives for getting an iPod to work with Windows Media Player. They continue to be valid alternatives with the release of Windows Media Player 11.
The only place this really falls down is if you hope to purchase a subscription to something like MTV URGE, Napster, Yahoo! Music Engine or any of the other monthly subscription services. Music subscription services will not work with an iPod. All of the music subscription services currently use Windows Media Digital Rights Management to keep you from copying the songs. This is not compatible with iPods and therefore will not work. If you want to use one of the subscription services, you need to purchase a different portable device (the iRiver Clix is a nice choice). If you already have an iPod, plan on shopping either in the iTunes Store or in the eMusic library of MP3s.