Download PrintFolder
Typically, finding stuff on your computer is easier when using a desktop search tool. There are times when printing the contents of a folder or disk come in handy. If you back things up to DVD, a paper record of what’s on each disk (or a PDF of the printed list) can be quicker than sticking each disk in your DVD tray. Creating a paper record of MP3 or movie files makes a portable catalog of what you have when you’re searching for something new to add to your collection. PrintFolder helps make these lists easier, adding a print option to Windows Explorer for creating lists of folder contents. Lists may be comprised of file names only, or other details like date modified, file size, and other file properties. In a perfect world, all our data would always be at our fingertips. Since this isn’t a perfect world, having easy access to printed lists still frequently comes in handy. PrintFolder Pro offers additional options not found in this free version [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]