Kitty Luv

Kitty Luv Game If you’re the type of person to get sucked into a game like the Sims or NeoPets, where you actively keep a virtual being happy, Kitty Luv is probably right up your alley. The game is centered around taking care of a virtual cat, including cleaning a virtual litter box, grooming the cat and keeping the cat entertained. Choose from one of six cat breeds: Russian Blue, Tabby, Siamese, Exotic, Abyssinian and American Shorthair. If you have real cats like I do, the creators have missed the mark a bit, focusing on all the stuff that’s cute about cats and neglecting some of the annoyances like hairballs, cat puke and finding the exact spot to create a tripping hazard on the floor. Still this game has the mesmerizing power to keep you coming back for several playing sessions, as you help your kitten mature. It’s not quite Virtual Villagers, but if you like simulation games, you’re sure to like Kitty Luv.

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