Microsoft Word Fonts

Vol writes, “Where can I get fonts for my Microsoft Word application?”
There are thousands of sites that offer fonts for download. Almost all of them have fonts compatible with Microsoft Word. Depending on whether you use the fonts for personal or commercial use, there might be a licensing fee associated with the fonts. In many cases you can find a number of fonts for free. Here are a few of the places you can look for fonts compatible with Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Typography is a good starting point. They offer background information on fonts, tips on how to improve screen readability, and additional resources for downloading fonts. is a site I previously recommended for hundreds of free fonts and Chank fonts have been a favorite of mine for years.
Font Diner has their Free Silverware collection, which is another fine collection of free fonts. offers a great collection of fun fonts.
All of these font collections should be compatible with Microsoft Word and any other application with support for either TrueType or OpenType fonts.