Reusing DVD Camcorder Disks

Mack asks, “When using a DVD video camera are you able to edit on the disk or reuse it?”
The short answer to both questions is almost always, ‘yes’. Most of the DVD camcorders offer limited on camera editing, which generally amounts to choosing sections of video to either keep or delete. The sections you keep can then be copied to a new DVD, imported to your computer, or finalized as a finished movie.
The most common disks supported by DVD camcorders are DVD+RW, which are re-writeable disks. These disks can be re-used and re-recorded over multiple times. In practice, I almost never re-use DVD+RW or DVD-RW disks because the blanks are cheap enough that I find it more practical to keep the original data on the disk in case I want to refer back to it at a later time.