Burn DVR-MS Files to DVD

Tony writes, “I have recorded loads of TV programes on Windows Media Center but when I try to burn them to DVD they don’t work. Helpline advised Nero 7, do you have a better solution?”
Nero will burn virtually anything to DVD. They have a great depth of features for burning, but I really dislike their user interface for simple tasks because the application seemingly makes the simple complicated. My preference for burning Windows Media Center Recordings is Roxio MyDVD.

MyDVD was the first application to offer support for burning the Media Center DVR-MS files and it remains one of the most reliable alternatives for burning DVR-MS files to DVD. I haven’t personally tried it, but the latest version should allow you to burn the DVR-MS files to Blu-Ray disks, making it possible to put more standard definition television on a single disk.
Burn Windows Media Center Files to DVD