Britney Spears shows Paris Hilton her Boobs

Or why haven’t I bothered to change the way I write tutorials? Celebrities and sex are the two most commonly searched topics on every search engine on the planet. Most of my tutorials about audio and video could easily be re-written with this in mind, which makes me wonder what would happen if I changed the positioning of some of my more popular articles. For instance, I imagine I’d get far more traffic on an article titled How to Burn the Paris Hilton Sex Video to DVD than I get on similar articles on how to burn home movies to DVD. It’s not like the process is any different. In both cases you start with a video file and end up with a shiny disk. In the middle, the talking points are what’s slightly different. Instead of vaguely suggesting you open the movie files you want to put on DVD, I’d be very specifically telling people to add the Paris Hilton Sex Video to DVD. When it comes time to build menus, I could provide some clever advice on how to make a DVD menu from a photo of Paris Hilton, and then I’d get to drop that popular name one last time by saying, now it’s time to burn the Paris Hilton Sex Video to DVD. I don’t know how many people are actively searching for ways to burn a DVD of that particular movie, but replicating the same idea across any number of popular online movie downloads might yield some interesting results.