Download FontPage
FontPage is a godsend for viewing fonts on your system. It provides a quick snapshot of any installed font in the Windows Fonts directory, letting you see a font at any available size. You can view a font in bold, italic, underline and even a 3D mode. If you want a handy hard copy reference, the software will print a sample page of any one font or print samples of every font on your system. There’s a neat preview feature to compare two fonts side by side. In addition to previewing fonts installed on your system, FontPage also previews fonts not yet installed, helping you decide whether to install them or not, or leaving you the option to save memory by uninstalling little used fonts. If you work with text in applications ranging from Word, to PowerPoint, to Photoshop, to video editing apps, having FontPage as a handy resource will save you time the next time you need the perfect text. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]