Cashing in on Podcasting

Almost three years into the podcasting revolution, early entrants are looking for an exit strategy. The popular podcasting discussion group on Yahoo sees it’s share of people pimping their solutions to common podcasting problems, but more recently there’s an emerging trend of podcasters trying to get a return on investment by leveraging eBay auctions as a way out.
Possibly the most viable example of this is Dennis Hays of the Secrets of Digital Imaging podcast, who is selling off all rights to his podcast and an accompanying photography blog with a starting bid of $2500 and Buy it Now pricing at $4000. While neither site has tons of links in the Technorati universe or Alexa ranks destined to impress, it would be a piece of cake to get a return on investment if anyone wanted to hit the ground running with a built-in audience of photo enthusiasts. At the low end of the spectrum, you could still make the money back in a few months, with proper attention.
Today Jacek Artymiak posted a collection of podcasting related domains in the Polish TLD for a starting price of $100,000. I think this is a bit optimistic considering his and would have a limited audience. The founders of and aren’t exactly getting rich from their investments. Both .com offering are easily worth more in the open market, but aren’t likely to command the sum Artymiak wants for his .pl list.
The owner of seems the most optimistic of the bunch. Whoever that happens to be is billing the domain as a Top Podcasting/Podcast/iTunes Domain. Although the $0.99 starting bid price means someone could pick it up for a iTunes song.