Recording Voice Audio with a M-Audio Microtrack

Beverly writes, “I need to record voice to CD, efficiently and have the Compact Disc play in any normal CD player. I have an M-Audio Microtrack recorder with 1GB Compact Flash, but it seems that I have a high quality recording that takes up a lot of space. In a work day, I need to make 6 recordings. Does it make sense to consider a 30GB iPod to record my voice to and then burn to CD?

You don’t mention how long your six recordings per day are, but if you want good quality sound for recording, don’t use the iPod or any other portable media player. The Microtrack recorder is a good tool for what you are doing. If you want to use less space per file change your record settings. Under the Record Settings on the Menu make the following changes: Set Encoder to WAV. Set Sample Rate to 44.1. Set Bits to 16 (not 24). Using these settings, you will get about 90 minutes on a 1GB Compact Flash card and won’t notice any quality difference. A much cheaper solution than buying an iPod would be to get several 1GB or 2GB compact flash cards and then swapping the card when it gets full. This also gives you the flexibility of using the Microtrack all day long.

Keep in mind that an audio CD only holds as much as 74 minutes of audio, so a single 1GB card recording 90 minutes of voice audio is more audio than you can fit on a single audio compact disc.