Convert Digital8 Tapes to DVD

Amit writes, “How do I convert Digital8 tapes to DVD?”
Digital8 is Sony’s alternative to MiniDV and remains available only in limited camcorders in the Sony product line. Fortunately, the capture process is identical to what you’d expect from a MiniDV camcorder. You connect the Digital8 camcorder from the iLINK (aka FireWire or IEEE 1394) connection on the camcorder to the FireWire connection on your PC and import the contents of the tape. You can then edit the footage with your favorite video editor and author a DVD.
For a tutorial on capturing video from a Digital8 Camcorder follow the steps here:
Capturing video from a Sony Digital8 Video Camera
Once you capture the footage from the Digital8 camcorder, here’s a number of tips for editing video:
Video Editing with Windows Movie Maker
For authoring DVDs, my favorite solution is Sonic MyDVD. You can walk through the process of making a DVD here:
DVD Authoring Step-by-step