Face Control Photoshop Plugin

Download Face Control
Face Control from Redfield plugins is a Photoshop compatible plugin for making modifications to facial expressions and tweaking the overall appearance of someone in a photo. For slight tweaks, like making a smile a little stronger, you can get decent results. For more dramatic effects, the adjustment gets a bit strange. I generally prefer my Photoshop filters to have a more granular level of control, but for a quick way to take a few pounds off someone’s face, or tweak their smile just a little, Face Control isn’t too bad. The biggest downside to the tool is that it doesn’t deal well if you select part of a busy background when doing the tweak. Also, you need to preselect the section of the photo you want to tweak before opening the filter or you alter the entire image. You can see a sample before and after image below. Compatible with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro and any other app that supports Photoshop compatible plugins. [Windows 2k/XP/Vista $0.00]