Download Lyricsnapper
Digital music downloads may be the future of music, but they come up short in several ways. You don’t get the liner notes for the album to find out who did what in the song. You don’t get the weird thank yous and photos of the band from the road. Worst of all you don’t get any song lyrics like you do with CDs. There’s no telling a bathroom on the right from a bad moon on the rise or Bingo Jed had a light on from a big’ol jet airliner. If you’re curious about the words to a song, Lyricsnapper can help you scan the lyrics of almost any song. I say almost because I did find a few indie bands with songs Lyricsnapper didn’t have. Where Lyricsnapper really shines is in its ability to connect lyrics for songs playing back in iTunes. If you play a song in iTunes, Lyricsnapper will automatically download them. You can then add the lyrics to the Info of any track in your iTunes library. [Windows XP/Vista $0.00]