How to Play SSA Files

Andree writes, “How do I play ssa file extensions?”
SSA stands for SubStation Alpha, which is a subtitle file format commonly used in conjunction with online video downloads. As a standalone file, an SSA file isn’t particularly useful, as it will merely play text subtitles associated with some other movie file. You really need the movie file and the SSA file to get the full experience. To playback an SSA file either by itself or combined with a video file, you need an application called VSFilter, which allows the SSA file to playback in virtually any Windows compatible media player. The easiest way to associate your SSA subtitle file with an actual video file is to play both of them back simultaneously in an application like VLC Player.
To use VLC Player with your SSA file:
First download VLC Player.
Open VLC Player and go to Settings > Preferences on the menu. Expand the Video section and click on Subtitle/OSD. In the right hand pane, click Browse next to the Use subtitle file box and locate your SSA file. Click Save and then either click play to see only the SSA file playback or open a video file and play it back.