Back Up Your iPhone

“How do I backup the songs on my iPhone?”
My favorite iPod backup utility recently added support for the iPhone. Now, in addition to backing up your music and videos from your iPod, iPod Access also backs up all the stuff you care about on your iPhone as well. You can add songs, videos and podcasts directly to the iTunes library for syncing with your iPhone. You can automatically rename media files. All AAC files, including those purchased from iTunes Music Store are supported by iPod Access. With a single click you can back up all the music and videos from your iPhone, sequentially, so you don’t lose any important files and you don’t get any duplicates. Songs are automatically organized by Artist and Album (or Composer/Album depending on what you listen to on your iPhone. When something goes wrong with your computer or you want to sync your iPhone with a new computer, you won’t need to wipe the music and start over (which is what iTunes attempts to force you to do), you can simply recover everything automatically using iPod Access. Download iPod Access and start backing up your iPhone library now. (Also works with iPods, of course).