MoveIt2 – Automated File Management

Download MoveIt2
I download a ton of stuff – movies; music; software; images; documents. By default, all these digital files end up in the same directory if you use the download manager built into Firefox. MoveIt2 helps keep all this stuff organized, without needing to specify a location every time I download something. With MoveIt2 running in the background, I can automatically move music files to one of my music library folders, PDF files to the place where I store electronic documents and photos to the place where I like to keep pictures, without ever manually intervening in the process. If you run an FTP site, MoveIt2 is even more useful because you can have people upload files to a common location and MoveIt2 automatically sorts them based on certain criteria (of course, this assumes your FTP server is running Windows). The free version only supports 5 simultaneous watched actions, which for a single user is likely more than enough. For complicated file moving rules, a pay version of the software supports unlimited manipulations. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]