Extending Laptop Battery Life

One thing laptops never have enough of is battery life. I’m always resorting to power saving hacks like tweaking Windows Power Management or cranking the brightness on my screen down to the point where I can’t see in order to eke out a few extra minutes of battery. Carrying a backup battery isn’t convenient because it requires shutting down to make the swap. The best alternative I’ve seen for extending battery life without interrupting productivity is to get an extra power pack that recharges your laptop battery directly through the power jack. Jason Dunn over at Digital Media Thoughts recently reviewed the Proporta Laptop Battery, which is a buddy breather for your laptop battery with an extra 6000 mA of power. For my laptop, that’s an additional 6-7 hours more power, which would likely take me all the way across the Pacific.
Here’s a brief summary from what Jason had to say about the Proporta Laptop Battery: “The Proporta Laptop Battery, despite its dull name, is an exciting product. Proporta took a 6000 mAH Lithium Polymer battery, wrapped it in a gorgeous aluminum design, added a USB power, bundled in tips for every popular laptop brand on the market, and released it all for $199 USD. This is a great product worthy of adding to any road-warrior’s kit – even if you don’t travel with a laptop and just want a lot of portable power for your USB devices.” Read the full review