5 Essential Windows XP Apps

Deleting Locked Files with Unlocker

The “Cannot Delete File or Folder” error is one of the most frustrating errors in computing. Let’s say you’ve got a photo on your desktop that you want to trash. You select it and hit the delete key. The “Cannot Delete File” error pops up and says you can’t get rid of it. Enter Locked File deleting tool – Unlocker. This freeware app detaches the file from whatever is keeping it locked to your desktop and frees it up so you can delete the file.

Recovering Deleted Files with Restoration

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a file, only to panic when you realized you need that file back, you’re in luck. Restoration is a freeware tool that just might save the day. The app scans your hard drive for sectors containing files marked for deletion and then copies those files back to a new section of your drive. For small files, like Word docs and photos, this is an almost fool proof way to get files back, because it takes a long time to overwrite the drive sectors where little files are stored. If you’re trying to recover a video, your chances decrease because large video files tend to have some of their sectors overwritten fairly soon after deletion. As with any data recovery, your mileage may vary. It’s always better to keep a backup just in case, rather than relying on digging stuff back out of an emptied trash bin.

Optimizing System Performance with Registry Mechanic

If you’re computer is starting to get slow, one of the culprits may be invalid or missing entries in the Windows Registry. The registry is the part of Windows that stores information about all the applications and components of Windows on your PC. When it gets bloated with junk, it can cause your system to slow down, unpredictable errors to occur, and the system to crash. Registry Mechanic cleans the registry safely by removing invalid entries and optimizing performance.

Changing the Windows XP Bootscreen

If you ever get tired of watching the same Windows flag appear each time you boot your computer, you’re in luck. There’s are several great ways to change your boot screen to a more personalized experience. One of the best free tools to use is BootSkin, which automatically overrides the Windows default boot screen replacing it with one of many custom options, including images created by you.

Protect Your System from Spware with Spyware Doctor

Spyware is one of the biggest problems on the Internet. Email and downloads on peer to peer services are loaded with files that contain a hidden payload in something that looks like a music file or document you might want. Your best form of protection is an active spyware blocking tool, like Spyware Doctor, which acts as a barrier between harmful trojans, keyloggers and privacy invading malware.