muvee autoProducer – Automatic movie making

Download muvee autoProducer
If you like showing off your home videos, but dread the process of editing, muvee autoProducer will make you look like a video editing rockstar with almost no effort. The hard part of using muvee is shooting the video. After you have your home video on your computer, making a movie is simply. Choose from one of 8 core movie styles, pick some music from your library as a soundtrack for the movie, add some titles if you need them, and let autoProducer work its magic. For any event that has a number of highlights, like a wedding reception, a child’s birthday party, family gatherings, or prom, for example, muvee autoProducer will showcase all the good stuff from your video making you look like a genius. Several other applications have an auto-movie feature that attempts to do what muvee autoProducer excels at, but none come close to actually generating compelling movies from your video clips. If you’ve been hording video on a series of tapes, because you can’t bear the thought of spending all that time building the perfect movie, downloading autoProducer is your chance to finally get the family off your back and deliver what will be some stunning moments on DVD or on your iPod. If the price tag for the app seems a little scary, autoProducer has a cheaper sibling in muveeNow, offering similar but stripped down features from the full autoProducer at a fraction of the price. [Windows 2k/XP/Vista $129.95]