Farewell Adam Finley

Adam Finley and I started writing the Digital Media newsletter for Lockergnome back in January of 2001. I was the guy finding useful apps for photo, audio, and video editing. He was the guy who wrote wickedly clever reviews of online video, music sites, movies and other entertainment goodness. Adam left Lockergnome to do some other things online, including writing for the Weblogs, Inc blog TV Squad and his own domain Raise Your Children My Way, Damn It. If you’re reading this, you probably already know I continued the Digital Media newsletter as Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle and affiliated blog.

Sadly, we will longer read Adam’s quirky prose. On September 6, 2007 Adam Finley was struck by a school bus and killed while riding his bicycle near Lake Calhoun in the Minneapolis area; an unfortunate reminder to us all to watch for cyclists while driving. Funeral services were held in Lake City, Iowa, where Adam grew up.

After leaving Lockergnome, Adam and I didn’t really keep in touch, but I continued to follow his writing online at places like Ad Jab and the sites mentioned above. He loved his craft and continued to sharpen his wit throughout his writing career. Anytime I read Adam I found myself smiling at some clever turn of phrase. Farewell Adam Finley, you will be missed.