AmazonMP3 – DRM Free Music

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Amazon is in the midst of doing something every portable media player owner should be excited about – launching a store full of popular songs that work anywhere. Doesn’t matter if you have an iPod, Zune, Creative, Sanyo, [Insert Your Player Here], player; if your player supports MP3, you can play songs from AmazonMP3. There’s no DRM, which means no wondering if downloaded tracks will work. The library of tracks is big enough that there’s something for almost everyone: Jazz, Punk, Funk, Pop, Rock, whatever your listening tastes may be, there’s something in the AmazonMP3 store that will likely give you a little aural pleasure. Files are encoded using MP3 VBR with a target bitrate of 256kbps, which should come close to CD quality. If you’re a purist, you may prefer ripping DVD audio to FLAC or one of the other uncompressed file formats, but for portability and compatibility, the new AmazonMP3 store is likely my new file downloading solution of choice. [Windows XP/Vista Mac OS X $0.00]