A Fun Ti Carnival

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A Fun Ti Carnival Belly Dancer
A Fun Ti Carnival is best described as the Chinese equivalent of dinner theater. As the wait staff brings endless dishes to your enormous beer hall style table, the stage provides belly dancers, musicians, and enthusiastic crowd participation for entertainment. The restaurant is run by native Ulghur people from the Xinjiang province, which is located in the northwest part of China on the old Silk Road. The food is good but not amazing, with everything from potato salad, to curry, to gigantic skewers of meat, to traditional Chinese fare filling the table with more food than you can possibly eat. By evenings end, you’ll likely not remember what you ate because you’ve had too much fun watching the stage show. The restaurant is famous for closing the evening with everyone dancing on the tables. While I don’t know I’d go so far as to agree with the restuarant’s own claim to being as famous as the Great Wall, if you have a group of people looking for an entertaining dining experience, A Fun Ti Carnival is an experience you won’t soon forget.
A Fun Ti Carnival