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Plant Tycoon has a number of subtle features that make it fun to play and hard to win without some helpful tips. Below I’ve compiled a list of useful things to know, including a handful of tips, winning tricks and some helpful cheats to make sure you can succeed in breeding your plants to create the Magic plants of Isola.

If you haven’t already installed the game, you can download Plant Tycoon before you read the tips, tricks and cheats included below.

One of the key things to know about Plant Tycoon is that time passes in the game even when you’re not playing. Plants will grow, events will take place. It’s important to adjust game speed when you get started so that your plants don’t die if you don’t play the game for a few days (there’s also an option to Pause game play).

How to Succeed at Plant Tycoon

Planting Seeds 0- at the start of the game is one of the key things to succeeding. Plant the four seeds you start with in the seed tray. Plant the four seeds in your Seed Storage. Go to the Gardening Supplies shop to buy and then plant the 3 common seeds.

Mature Plants can be self-pollinated to produce more seeds for the next growing cycle. At the start of the game, use the growth chemicals to speed growth of your first plants. When they mature, let the plants go to seed, then harvest the seeds before selling the parent plants to raise more money.

Soil Upgrades create successful plant growing conditions. The beginning soil is only good for common plants.The most important investment you can make is in getting better soil, which allows cross-pollinated plants to survive. You need Soil from Isola before you want to start experimenting with the chemicals in the shop to speed your plant growth.

Infestations early in the game are best treated by killing the plant. Insect poison costs more than most of the early stage plants are worth, so you lose money every time you try to save one of the early plants from bugs. Infested plants can’t pollinate and should be treated or destroyed.

Plant New Seeds with Caution to insure plant survival. If you crossbreed two plants, test one seed to make sure the plant can survive in your soil before risking all seeds. You can always save the other seeds until you have better soil.

Secrets to Winning at Plant Tycoon

Fast speed is ideal when you are actively playing – you can get seeds to mature into plants ready for pollination in under one hour when playing actively.

Cross-pollinating increases plant values but also makes them fragile. Be sure to upgrade your soil before risking your hybrid seeds.

Plants Losing Health are in the wrong soil. Either upgrade your soil immediately or plan to grow common plants until you can afford better soil.

Pruning will improve plant health and increase plant value. Remove dead leaves to uncover hidden flowers and improve the shape of a plant. Careful though – too much pruning can hurt a plant too.

Pricing Plants for Sale is an art. If plants are selling very quickly, your prices are too low. If plants aren’t selling, try lowering the price.

Nursery Upgrades help plants sell faster and sell for more money. While you should focus early efforts on improving soil, don’t forget to upgrade your nursery. Variety of plants has no impact on sales, but the number of plants you have for sale helps plants sell faster (20 of the same plant is just as effective as 20 different plant types).

Dead Pollinated Plants can still be harvested for seeds. You may not get the yield of a mature live plant, but some seeds are better than none.

Upgrade Insect Nets to catch more insects throughout the game. This won’t help you win, but it does help in this optional component of the game.

Chemicals often help in creating new breeds. Avoid them until you’ve upgraded your soil, but the Mutation Liquid is especially helpful in creating rare plants.

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