ShineOff – Facial Glare Fixing for Photoshop

If you’ve ever noticed unnaturally shiny skin in your photos, you may have also wondered how the heck you can fix it. This is usually caused by a combination of slight perspiration from the person reflecting the harsh light of a camera flash back at the image sensor. In extreme cases, shiny skin may be due to solarization in the image. While you can avoid this altogether using diffused light, sometimes you need a fix. ShineOff is among the best plugins I’ve tried for removing shine from skin tones of all hues. It automatically softens the skin in shiny areas to create a more natural looking skin tone. Unlike trying to apply filtering myself in Photoshop, ShineOff seems to leave the sparkle in teeth and eyes, while toning down unwanted shine on skin, giving photos a more polished look. Batch convert a series of images to reduce shine or work on one image at a time. If you have a tool like the full version of Photoshop with Action support, you can combine this with PearlyWhites Teeth Whitening to complete two image tweaking tasks at once. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $49.95]
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