Jake’s Donors Choose Challenge

Donor's Choose Challenge I’m personally fascinated by the micro-lending and micro-philanthropy enabled by many of the tools that make the Web a useful tool. One of the most exciting micro-philanthropy opportunities is Donor’s Choose, which helps teachers in underfunded classrooms procure vital supplies for improving education. I think this is a great cause because it reaches students in desperate need of better educational resources by directly providing those resources as soon as funding goals are reached. As such, I’m launching a Donor’s Choose Challenge to you as a reader of Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle.
I chose schools primarily located in areas around the United States, with needs focused on themes that are common to this newsletter: technology, music, video, and photography. Some of the needs are fairly small, others will take a larger effort to achieve. The teachers who use Donor’s Choose don’t get the money donated; they get the supplies they need directly from Donor’s Choose when their funding goal is reached. Your donation is sending supplies to classrooms, which means the children who need them will benefit.
You are one of over 500,000 people who visit my blog every month, or one of the 50,000 subscribers to my newsletter and RSS feeds. As a group we can all make a huge difference in helping to impact the education of people who are close to home. If I’ve helped you solve a tech problem in the past, consider helping educate kids in communities that need the most help with a small donation toward buying supplies for technology and multimedia projects. Together we can complete the challenge and help improve the educational opportunities for kids in need.
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